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Sanremo Candle


Scooting down the hotel stairs in your happiest-making dinner best, you rush towards dear friends and perfectly mixed Negronis. The moon is spilling onto the Ligurian Sea while you gorge on house-made pasta and warm repartée. An accidental delight – this little two night tacked on to the tail end of a holiday – finds you staying in another era, Humphrey Bogart is surely around the corner. Happy occurrences keep stacking up. A friend of a friend is picking you all up tomorrow morning in their Alfa (-Romeo 6c 2500 Cabriolet, goodness!) to take you to a private cove, and there is the promise of homemade limoncello. You are explaining your grandmother’s vintage silk scarf you’re sporting to your companion to your left, your French has morphed into Italian, or perhaps the other way around, but everything is understood and everyone is all bright eyed enchantment.

This 1950s paradise town you’ve found, forgotten by all except, seemingly, German regulars, has waiters with red jackets, flowerbeds with red geraniums, red Campari, a red carpet leading up to the Art Nouveau casino, bright happy red all around. Sanremo, one word, not two. Sanremo!

Notes: Sandalwood, honey, cedar, dry sage, stored leather weekend bags, camphor.

Bespoke Michiko Shimada for JKG ceramic container with croquet-inspired stripe. Handmade in Brooklyn. Please reuse as a vase, coffee cup, or cachepot. Refillable wax inserts coming soon.

Soy blend wax, lead-free cotton wick

Now a larger 215 grams.

Around 50 hours of burn time. Please ensure that the entire top of the candle has melted during the first lighting, as this prevents tunneling. Trimming the wick before each use promotes clean burning.

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