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Mes chers,

Alrighty! So your seed paper has Lilliput Rose zinnias, Unwins Bedding dahlias, Johnny Jump Up pansies, and a deer-resistant wildflower assortment *in* them. Your envelope contains Old Spice and Knee High sweet peas.

I wanted this to be a fun 2nd grade art+science experiment, celebrating both the florals in the Bridge Street pattern, and also the dahlias, pansies, and sweet peas in my various scarves. So don’t fret too much! And just have a wee bit of fun with an empty yogurt container or a gorgeous Victorian planter.

Directly from the manufacturer, Eden Brothers: “Wildflowers will generally sprout in all but the most difficult conditions. Clear the area and work the soil as best you can before planting your seeds. After the seeds have been sown, lightly compress the seeds into the soil about 1/4″ to protect from birds and wind.” I myself used an old bodega-bought iris pot of flowers whose inhabitants had sadly died, and sort of tore up the seed paper, scattered it around, ineptly pressed it into the soil, and then watered it everyday as it lazed in the window. It worked!

The sweet pea seeds required two extra steps from the above. I nicked them with cuticle clippers, soaked them in a jar of warm water overnight, and then planted them a half inch-ish who knows deep in the same soil. All went swimmingly!

If you would like more in depth instructions, being the A+ student that I’m sure you are (I was NOT), then have a click through below. The zinnia, dahlia, Johnny, and wildflower seeds are all in the paper together, so you will have to separate them if you want to go down that overachieving path, but if, like my mother, you can do that without breaking stride, then by all means!

Wildflowers (Yarrow, Columbine, Cornflower Tall Blue,
Godetia, Lance Leaf Coreopsis, Foxglove, Purple Coneflower, California Poppy,
Blanket Flower, Candytuft, Perennial Lupine, Forget Me Not, Black Eyed Susan)



Johnny Jump Ups

Sweet Peas

Please have the fun-est time 🙂

xoxo JKG