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ENGAGEMENT & WEDDING: For commitment-related pieces, we recommend getting in touch at least two months ahead of time.

REVISION: If you have loose stones or need to rework something Great Aunt Helga left you, we have ideas.

GENERAL: Contemplating a jaw-dropping brooch for a christening this summer? Let’s chat.


JKG jewels are made completely by hand with no machine-made components ever. In order to create a truly customized piece, a fair amount of backwork and research is required, preferably at least six weeks, if not ten.  Like suits, tailor-made jewels feel so much more personal than anything off the shelf. Due to the time-intensive nature of each project, only about 20 unique pieces are made each year.


During our initial meeting, we will discuss the aesthetic direction of the piece, paying close attention to your vision. Bespoke items start at $3,000. Depending on the size of the piece, at least a 50% deposit will be required, sometimes 100%. Pieces can take anywhere from 6 weeks to over a year, depending on the complexity. For a private consultation, please email