For every engagement, there is the perfect design! We will create a ring that is as original and stunning as your betrothed-to-be. We recommend getting in touch seven weeks before your proposal, but eight to nine weeks is preferable.

Our wedding bands are handmade from scratch for each couple, so you will never see another wearing your symbols of your commitment.

Our service is bespoke, in the true meaning of the word, from soup to nuts.


During our initial meeting, we will discuss the aesthetic direction of the piece, paying close attention to your vision. Once a goal is established, there is a deposit of $1,000 for each piece to be designed, all of which is of course applied towards any production. A framed sketch of your original commission accompanies all bespoke pieces.


If you have loose stones or need to rework something Great Aunt Helga left you, we would be most glad to come up with a few ideas. To get in touch for a private consultation, please contact us at hello@janiekrusegarnett.com.