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San Giuliano Candle


Notes: Cedar, moss, clary sage, pepper

Opening with notes of moss and cedar, the “San Giuliano” candle captures the feeling of walking through Tuscan fields in late August, surrounded by hay and cypress trees, chicory lining the dirt paths, and cicadas sounding in the air. The dry heat beats down as you make your way back to the farmhouse for afternoon cocktails by the pool, bathing in both natural spring water and the buttery light of Italy. Clary sage, fern and a hint of pepper round out this ode to Summer’s end.

Bespoke Michiko Shimada for JKG ceramic container with croquet-inspired stripe. Handmade in Brooklyn. Please reuse as a vase, coffee cup, or cachepot. Refillable wax inserts coming soon.

Soy blend wax, lead-free cotton wick

Now a larger 215 grams.

Around 55 hours of burn time if properly cared for. Please ensure that the entire top of the candle has melted during the first lighting, as this prevents tunneling. Do not leave candle burning for longer than four hours or so, or however long it takes to achieve a full melt pool across the top of the candle. Leaving a candle to burn for too long allows carbon to collect on the wick and leads to soot and flickering and other undesirable things. Trimming the wick before each use promotes clean burning.

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