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All JKG JEWELRY pieces are made by hand. This can take anywhere from two weeks to six months, depending on the complexity of the piece. First the design is hand-drawn, then painted in gouache. From there, wax is carved on a minute scale. Once perfected, this is cast into a mould using the cire perdue, or lost-wax casting method. Gemstones, if any, are handpicked by Janie herself. This process often takes weeks as she pores over hundreds of stones to ensure the cut and color are exactly as they should be. From there, these stones are then set by hand into the piece. No two creations are exactly alike, and you can be certain that you are wearing a wonderfully unique item, like a hand-tailored blazer fit just to you.

JKG CANDLES are her own design, fashioned after the milk crocks from the 19th century that were used to keep perishables cool and are now often used as vases or umbrella holders. These reusable ceramic containers are handmade by Michiko Shimada in her Brooklyn studio, and then filled by hand with the signature scents that are created just for JKG by luxury fragrance experts in Los Angeles, the East Coast, and Grasse, France. Each scent took months of development to perfect, and highlights the strengths of each manufacturer.

JKG SOFT GOODS are designed over a span of eight months, with constant back-and-forth between her and the multi-generation family-owned Italian silk and linen factories that produce them. All design elements are painstakingly hand-drawn, color-matched, and then produced in limited runs.

The core tenet of JKG design is that all things ought to be useful collector’s items. With an eye to this, the results are well-made pieces for the cognoscenti.

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