Bebe Ranth

Ranthambore Candle


A morning game drive in Rajasthan’s endless wildlife reserve, what once was a royal hunting ground. A true golden silence surrounds you as you drive to the lake’s edge.

The sun comes up, slowly warming the air. Oranges and pinks fill the sky. You smell hay and something sweet, foreign to you. An electricity descends. All look to the right, somehow, knowing. With great ceremony, a tiger emerges from the rushes.

Notes: Restrained tobacco, bright ylang ylang and bergamot.

Bespoke Michiko Shimada for JKG ceramic container with croquet-inspired stripe. Handmade in Brooklyn. Reusable.

Soy blend wax, lead-free cotton wick


Please ensure that the entire top of the candle has melted during the first lighting, as this prevents tunneling. Trimming the wick before each use promotes clean burning.



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