11B Candle

11B 6.3 oz



* Special Winter Edition Candle *


The fireplace is being put to good use in a wee Scottish abode. Outside, incredibly, there is a honest-to-goodness stoic little rosebud surrounded by a light, early snow.

Books are stacked to the effect of side tables, topped with hot toddies, tea, abandoned cookie plates. Your dearest friends from university are splayed across various armchairs and inherited down sofas, and rude answers for the Sunday crossword are batted back and forth.

Another round, methinks.


Notes: Black tea, rum, spices, cedar, bright Hesperides, rosebud, vetiver.


Please ensure that the entire top of the candle has melted during the first lighting, as this prevents tunneling. Trimming the wick before each use promotes clean burning.

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Special Winter Edition