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San Giuliano Candle XL


Notes: Cedar, moss, clary sage, pepper

Opening with notes of moss and cedar, the “San Giuliano” candle captures the feeling of walking through Tuscan fields in late August, surrounded by hay and cypress trees, chicory lining the dirt paths, and cicadas sounding in the air. The dry heat beats down as you make your way back to the farmhouse for afternoon cocktails by the pool, bathing in both natural spring water and the buttery light of Italy. Clary sage, fern and a hint of pepper round out this ode to Summer’s end.

Housed in a stoneware container handcrafted for Janie Kruse Garnett by renowned artist Michiko Shimada in her Brooklyn studio, this three wick candle is then hand-poured in LA making this luxury gift entirely US-made. The interior glaze is reminiscent of ancient sun-bleached terra-cotta. Store your makeup brushes in this lovely vessel once the wax has burned through.

All natural soy wax

360 grams, 12.7 ounces

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