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11B Candle XL


This luxuriously oversized candle is housed in a Michiko Shimada ceramic container, designed to Janie Kruse Garnett’s specifications after the vintage stoneware from the last century. With a crackled light grey exterior glaze, a warm pink interior, and gold accents, this candle will bring an elevated look and fragrance to any home. (So new, we haven’t had time to get them photographed yet!)


Black tea and woods. Books. A handful of roses hastily shoved in a small vase. The ocean is somewhere nearby, you can smell it. Beneath your feet, the cold stone floor gives way to tattered sisal rug as you push open the heavy wooden door to the library.


340 g (12 ounces)

Manufactured in Grasse, France

Vegetal wax

Around 80 to 90 hours of burn time

Notes: Black tea, rum, spices, cedar, bright Hesperides, rosebud, vetiver.


Please ensure that the entire top of the candle has melted during the first lighting, as this prevents tunneling. Trimming the wick before each use promotes clean burning.

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