The great granddaughter of an art collector and rumored spy, Janie Kruse Garnett grew up surrounded by incredible beauty, clever innovators, and tales of espionage and castaway rescues. Her mother, incapable of merely ignoring a weed, was often found gardening in evening attire. This instilled in Janie the belief that jewelry might as well be glamorous and stalwart, so she set out to create jewelry as strong as the woman who wears it.

With a background in Art History and jewelry design, Janie’s whimsical philosophy is rooted in classical architecture. First with jewelry, and slowly expanding to include all sorts of fine goods, Janie ethically creates pieces without sacrificing a refined aesthetic appeal.

She was born in Manhattan, studied in Paris and Scotland, lived for a time in London, all to end up back in the incomparable New York City.